Somatropin Saizen 8mg Click Easy Merck

Somatropin Saizen 8mg Click Easy Merck


Human Growth Hormone: Somatropin Saizen 8mg Click Easy Merck

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Active substance: Somatropin;

Description of the dosage form: powder or porous mass of white or almost white color.

Saizen is a recombinant human Growth Hormone produced by genetic engineering using a mammalian cell line. It is identical in its composition and action of the pituitary human growth hormone – somatropin. The drug has anabolic and anti-catabolic properties, affecting not only growth, but also the metabolic processes. Buying somatropin online – will help you to grow muscles quick, and minimize body fat for medical reasons.

Indications drug Saizen

  •  growth retardation in children due to growth hormone deficiency;
  •  growth retardation in children in the prepubertal period, due to chronic renal failure;
  •  confirmed congenital or acquired growth hormone deficiency in adults (as replacement therapy);
  •  growth retardation in children 4 years and older with a history of intrauterine developmental delays.


  • hypersensitivity to somatropin and / or any other component of the drug;
  • signs of an active malignant neoplasm;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • With care: diabetes, intracranial hypertension, hypothyroidism. In this case buying Somatropin online or in the pharmacy is recommended only after consulting a medical professional.

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Detailed information: WhatsApp +7 (700) 097-17-17

Side effects

Like other drugs, Saizen may have a side effect, but most patients tolerate the HGH well. In the course of therapy, in some cases, local reactions may occur in the injection area: soreness, hyperemia, swelling, itching.

Interaction with other drugs

Currently, drugs incompatible with Saizen in UK,USA are not known. Simultaneous use of GCS can inhibit growth and thus inhibit the growth effect of Saizen. Concomitant therapy with other hormones, such as gonadotropin, anabolic steroids, estrogens and thyroid hormones, may also affect the efficacy of the drug (in relation to final growth).

Method of use and doses

Treatment should take place under conditions of systematic control by a physician who has sufficient experience in diagnosing and treating patients with growth hormone insufficiency or with Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome.

Saizen preparation by Turkey in a dosage of 8 mg is intended for repeated subcutaneous administration. The dosage scheme is determined by the doctor individually for each patient, taking into account the surface area of the patient’s body and body weight.

Special instructions

Saizen treatment should be carried out under the constant supervision of a physician with experience in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with growth hormone deficiency. Some time after the introduction of the drug Saizen may decrease the concentration of glucose in the blood, which may be accompanied by short-term tremor or dizziness.

During the next 2–4 hours, the concentration of glucose in the blood may increase. Since growth hormone treatment can cause impaired glucose tolerance, it is necessary to regularly monitor blood glucose levels. If the patient has diabetes or there is a genetic predisposition to the disease, careful medical supervision is necessary during the treatment with Saizen and, if necessary, correction of diabetes therapy

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