Norditropin SimpleXx 15mg/1.5ml


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Norditropin SimpleXx 15mg/1.5ml

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Ingredients Norditropin NordiLet injection solution 15mg / 1,5ml

Active substance: Somatropin.
Group Funds based on the hormones of the anterior pituitary gland
Manufacturers Novo Nordisk A / S (Denmark)
Indications for use Norditropin NordiLet injection solution 15mg / 1,5ml Disruption of the growth process in children with insufficiency of endogenous growth hormone, chronic renal failure in children, accompanied by growth retardation, Shereshevsky-Turner syndrome, immunodeficiency syndromes accompanied by loss of body weight, osteoporosis.
Method of administration and dosage of Norditropin NordiLet injection solution 15 mg / 1.5 ml. The dose is selected individually depending on the mass or surface area of ​​the body (taking into account the clinical effect, adverse reactions and the results of the determination of IGF-1 in serum). Treatment begins as soon as possible at an earlier age and continues until the bone growth zones are closed or until the desired growth is achieved.
Contraindications Norditropin NordiLelet injection solution 15mg / 1,5ml Hypersensitivity, malignant neoplasms, epiphysis closure, pregnancy, breast-feeding.
Pharmacological action It has a somatotropic, anabolic, growth-stimulating effect. Stimulates the growth of human skeletal bones, causes an increase in the number and size of muscle cells, liver, thymus, reproductive glands, adrenal glands and thyroid gland. It activates the synthesis of chondroitin sulfate and collagen, increases the excretion of hydroxyproline, increases body weight. Regulates protein metabolism - stimulates the transport of amino acids into the cell and protein synthesis. It reduces cholesterol, increases the number of triglycerides, reduces the amount of adipose tissue. Suppresses insulin release and causes hyperglycemia. Interferes with removal of liquid, nitrogen, sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Calcium loss (accelerated renal release) is compensated by its increased absorption in the gastrointestinal tract.
Side effect Norditropin NordiLet injection solution 15mg / 1.5ml Headache, increased intracranial pressure, accompanied by severe and frequent headaches, nausea, vomiting, visual impairment, suppression of thyroid function with the development of symptoms of hypothyroidism, hyperglycemia, leukemia, epiphysus, and Ipheephyera. edematous syndrome; local reactions - change in the volume of adipose tissue, pain and itching at the injection site.
Overdose Symptoms of prolonged overdose: gigantism and acromegaly, signs of hypersecretion of growth hormone; disposable - hypo-or hyperglycemia.
Interaction Norditropin NordiLet injection solution 15mg / 1.5ml Glucocorticoids reduce the stimulating effect of somatotropin on growth processes.
Cautions Special care should be taken when prescribing patients with diabetes mellitus or patients with a family predisposition to this disease. It is necessary to control the level of glucose in the blood and urine. In patients with growth hormone deficiency, more frequent examinations should be conducted to rule out the progression and recurrence of tumor growth. During treatment, hypothyroidism may develop and the effectiveness of therapy may decrease. In the case of severe or recurring headaches, visual impairment, nausea, vomiting, fundus examination (fundoscopy) is recommended to detect optic nerve edema, which suggests the possibility of intracranial hypertension. In this case, if possible, it is necessary to stop treatment with growth hormone. When reappointment is required careful monitoring of symptoms of intracranial hypertension.
Storage conditions List B. At a temperature of 2-8 ° C.


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