Genotropin Pfizer 12mg 36IU USA, UK, Canada

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Genotropin 12 mg 36 units

Minimum order 5 packs.

Shelf life: 06/2021
The price depends on the quantity, with purchases of 3-5 packs discount.
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We also recommend analogs: Saizen 8mg 24ui, Humatrope 24mg 72iu, Jintropin, etc.

This effective drug is one of the key in sports pharmaceuticals. He is able to influence:

  • Fat, protein, carbohydrate, water-salt metabolism;
  • Stimulate the growth of muscle mass;
  • Destruction of visceral and subcutaneous fat;
  • Increase efficiency and vitality in general.

We are a specialist in the field of growth hormone injections, such as Hedon, Somatropin, Norditropin, Eutropin, Saizen, Genotropin, Humatrope and many others.

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Shipping Details:

Delivery of genotropin SpainWITHIN 5-8 days
Delivery of genotropin to China / Hong Kong / MalaisyaWITHIN 1 - 5 days
Delivery of genotropin to UKWITHIN 1 - 4 days
Delivery of genotropin to USA / Europe / South America WITHIN 1 - 5 days
Delivery of genotropin to CanadaWITHIN 1 - 5 days

Detailed information: WhatsApp +7 (700) 097-17-17

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The use of this growth hormone during the period of intense training also helps to strengthen the blood vessels, joints, bone tissue and heart.

This drug is injected subcutaneously with a reusable injector. After the cartridge is inserted into it, dilution of the drug occurs automatically. Please note that at this point the solution can not be shaken. The maximum concentration of the active substance of growth hormone Genotropin in the blood occurs in 3-6 hours. The manufacturer calls the best time for injection the first 30 minutes after waking up, however, he claims that it is possible to inject the drug even after the training is completed. Course duration varies from three to six months. Dosage is selected individually.


International Nonproprietary Name (INN): somatropin

Dosage form: Lyophilisate for preparation of solution for subcutaneous administration.

How to apply Genotropin
According to the instructions, Genotropin is recommended to be administered daily for 2-4 IU as part of anti-aging therapy (improvement of the skin, nails, hair), 3 IU for the treatment and prevention of injuries of joints and ligaments, 4-6 IU for gaining muscle mass and fat burning. For professional athletes, the dose increases to 10-12 IU. At the same time, it is necessary to understand that 10 IU of Genotropin is not the same as 10 IU of some underground brand GR. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the dosage on the basis of this premise. Recommended cycle time: 2-3 months (minimum), 4-6 months (optimal).

Genotropin Reviews
In the reviews about Genotropin, users note the ease of administration (the active substance does not need to be dissolved - this happens automatically), the severity of the effect (especially for those who used previously “underground” brands with an underestimated content of the active substance and a low degree of purification), good tolerability and few side effects.

What to expect from the Genotropin course:

  • increase in high-quality “dry” muscle mass;
  • improving the proportions of the body;
  • increase strength and endurance;
  • reduction of visceral and subcutaneous fat;
  • more attractive appearance (normalization of the skin, hair, nails)

Side effects

Genotropin is well tolerated and exhibits a minimum of clinically significant side effects. The drug has some limitations in use: it is not recommended for people with cancer or diabetes, as well as with an increased tendency to these diseases. If you feel a slight headache or joint pain, notice slight swelling or feel discomfort from the “tunnel” that is typical of all GH (carpal tunnel syndrome), reduce the daily dose. If you are taking GH for a long time, it makes sense to consider using insulin.

Detailed information: WhatsApp +7 (700) 097-17-17

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9 reviews for Genotropin Pfizer 12mg 36IU USA, UK, Canada

  1. Mr Smith Bradley

    I need 8 packs of Genotropin Pfizer to FL, please contact me

  2. Sava R

    Genotropin works. Yesterday I passed the analysis 5 hours after the injection.
    STG (somatotropin) 27.70 ng / ml normal values ​​0.06 – 5.00
    2 weeks put on 5, the first week was filled with water + 2 kg, the second week the water began to leave – 1 kg, on the third began to put on 10, again water went +1 kg, then began to leave

  3. Andrew Boston

    I’m putting 5ME every day, for 42 days the drug is working, the result is visible: fat is running from the abdomen and sides (there’sn’t much), the press cubes break through, there isn’t much muscle gain, a good fat-burning effect has thrown off 6 kg, but I work very effectively with iron plus funtion , in short, satisfied with the result, I go further …

  4. Marat Bachiyev

    Finally, original products. I weighed 94 kg, this is a lot, I started to stick to a diet and only pricked for a month every day at 0.5 and in a month I began to weigh 89. I am satisfied, because the effect is excellent. Very good and affordable drug. Recommend!

  5. Phill

    I received the package, thanks.

  6. anonymous bodybuilder

    Good drug

  7. Pedro ifbb

    Bought a HGH genotropin for 1 course. The parcel arrived in the region of the Marbella Spain in 5 days, which is very fast. The codes are all whole , which means the original has come. It remains to check how it goes. Tomorrow I’ll start the course, we’ll see.
    Thanks for the speed and quality.

  8. Dmitryi666

    The drug is very good. On the first day, the result is 400 grams of weight, the appetite is brutal. 3 times put a day and tin as for sweet pulls – I ate a cake at a time.

  9. Helen

    I ordered to Sheffield, UK. Appreciate you guys for fast delivery and great service 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

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